Kacper Ślusarczyk

Casper Locksmithkcpru

Full Stack Web Development

Lesser Poland Voivodeship

I started playing around with HTML, CSS, and JS when I was 15 (2017), and after two years, I moved onto Vue.js and later React. I have a passion for aesthetics, pixel-perfect designs, and smooth animations in websites.

I enjoy participating in team-based CTF competitions, game jams, and hackathons from time to time. Currently, I'm expanding my freelance business on Fiverr, and working on various web development projects as a freelancer.

Nix Dotfiles

My personal NixOS dotfiles.


AR PRO Cleaning - Blog

A blog for a cleaning company

Next.jsTypeScriptChakra UISanityFramer Motion

AR PRO Cleaning - Website

A website for a cleaning company with a booking system.

Next.jsTypeScriptChakra UISanityFramer Motion

Designer's portfolio

A portfolio website for a UI/UX designer.


Pickaxe Website

A search and other pages for a AI startup.

Next.jsTypeScriptSCSSStyled ComponentsLit Element

This Portfolio

A portfolio website for myself.

Next.jsTypeScriptTailwindFramer Motion

Linux Dotfiles

My personal Linux dotfiles.


"Primal Instincts" Game

A 2D platformer game made for the HackYeah 2023.


"Pang" Game

A pang clone for the Motorola Science Cup competition. 1st place.


"Dziady - The only way to redemption" Game

A platformer game for the United With Ukraine Gamejam


"Przysłowiowy Platformer" Game

A platformer game for the Grarantanna Gamejam. 3rd place.